About Us

Purpose of the Advisory Council

  • To develop a unified, cooperative effort among all individuals, organizations and public jurisdictions interested in furthering sound planning and development in the Cayucos area.
  • To establish an organization truly representative of the people of Cayucos in matters of civic interest, and to represent the community before all bodies, public and private, where the subject is appropriate to the objectives of the Cayucos Citizens Advisory Council.
  • To establish a forum for the public review of matters historically identified with sound development including, but not limited to, land use, public service, circulation, zoning, public improvements and all aspects of orderly community growth.
  • To initiate, sponsor, review and make recommendations, particularly concerning all matters of significance affecting the community.


Elections for one half of the council are held yearly on the second Tuesday in March. Precincts ending in odd numbers (1,3,5 and 7) will elect representatives in odd numbered years (e.g., 2023) and precincts ending in even numbers (2,4,6 and 8) will elect representatives in even numbered years (e.g., 2024), all for two year terms. 


Monthly meetings are held virtually the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM until further notice. The public is urged to attend.  Dates can be found here.

Contact the Secretary seawilson943@gmail.com to be on email list.